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Tranquil Transformation: Whole Home Remodel In Oakland, TN

Brief Overview

In the picturesque town of Oakland, TN, Sandy’s longstanding property underwent a stunning transformation. TruVine Renovations breathed new life into her beloved home, from a simple family rental to a sophisticated, modern sanctuary tailored just for her.

Project Key Features

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The Homeowners

Meet Sandy

After years of opening her heart and home to her family, Sandy stood at the threshold of a new chapter. With her children venturing into their own homes, she was ready to reclaim her space and transform it into the sanctuary she’d long imagined.

Her vision was clear— Sandy envisioned a space where contrast creates beauty and modern simplicity brings peace. Her journey with TruVine Renovations was not just about restoration; it was about stepping into the home she’d always owned and finally making it her own.

The Challenge

As the contractor, the challenge lay in revamping a home that had seen years as a rental, addressing its outdated design and neglected maintenance to meet Sandy’s modern aesthetic.

The 3-Phase Process

Sandy’s Whole Home Renovation Journey
Whole Home Renovation Design Phase
Whole Home Renovation Design Phase


With a penchant for the chic black-and-white contrast, Sandy’s design journey was a quest for brightness and modernity. Guided by Tim’s expertise, she handpicked fixtures and finishes that reflected her taste for simple, contemporary elegance.

Oakland, TN Whole Home Renovation Before Project Start
Oakland, TN Whole Home Renovation Before Project Start


The remodel unfolded under Tim’s vigilant supervision, with Sandy getting closer to her Christmas deadline every day. The transformation of the once-outdated space included installing matte black fixtures against a backdrop of crisp white, creating a striking visual allure.

Oakland, TN Whole Home Renovation
Oakland, TN Whole Home Renovation


Sandy’s home was ready by Christmas. The once familiar walls of her home now echoed with modern sophistication, each room a testament to her unique style and TruVine’s dedication to quality.

Living Room Home Addition Project

The Solution

In transforming Sandy’s residence, TruVine Renovations delivered a remodel and a renewal of space and spirit. The black fixtures and white surfaces now dance in harmony, the tub beckons with relaxation, and every cabinet whispers of a personalized touch.

From Outdated To Outstanding: The Whole Home Remodel Portfolio

Delve Into This Oakland, TN, Whole Home Transformation

What The Homeowner Had To Say About Working With Truvine Renovation

“I love my remodel. TruVine did a great job, and they were wonderful to work with! I would definitely recommend them.”

— Sandy P

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