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Imagine stepping into your kitchen each morning and feeling a sense of calm and inspiration. With TruVine’s kitchen remodeling services, turn that imagination into reality. Your kitchen is not just a place to cook; it’s the heart of your home, where memories are made and shared. 

Your tailored remodel ensures that every inch of your kitchen meets your lifestyle, from efficient under-cabinet lighting to luxurious custom cabinets. Embrace the joy of cooking in a beautifully designed and highly functional space, making every meal an experience to cherish.

Popular Upgrades For Elegant Kitchen Remodeling In Memphis

Pot Filler

Enjoy the convenience of a pot filler faucet above your stove, making it effortless to fill pots without carrying them from the sink and simplifying your cooking process.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Brighten your workspace and add a warm ambiance to your kitchen with under-cabinet lighting, perfect for cooking and entertaining.

Instahot (instant hot water)

Experience the luxury of instant hot water with an Instahot system, perfect for quick beverages, cooking, or speeding up meal prep.

Layout Reconfiguration

Transform your kitchen's flow with a layout reconfiguration. Optimize space for more effortless movement and functional use of every area.

Custom Cabinets

Tailor your storage with custom cabinets that fit your kitchen's dimensions and style, maximizing space and adding personal flair.

Lighting Upgrades

Illuminate your kitchen with lighting upgrades, from pendant lights over the island to dimmable options. Let your lighting create the perfect mood for every occasion.

Plumbing Upgrades

Upgrade your kitchen's plumbing for better efficiency and reliability, ensuring your sinks, dishwashers, and other water-reliant appliances operate smoothly.

Butler's Pantry

Add a touch of elegance and extra storage with a butler's pantry—an ideal space for preparing drinks and storing fine china and additional kitchenware.

Coffee & Wine Bars

Create a specialized area in your kitchen with a dedicated wine or coffee bar. Make your morning brew or evening unwind even more delightful.

Premium Tiles

Elevate your kitchen's aesthetic with premium tiles that offer durability and style, from the backsplash to the flooring.

Kitchen Islands

Introduce an island to your kitchen for additional counter space, storage, and a central gathering point for meals and socializing.

Premium Countertop Upgrades

Elevate the heart of your home with premium countertop materials like granite or quartz for a stunning, durable look.

Fixture Upgrades

For a modern touch, refresh your kitchen's look and functionality with upgraded fixtures, including faucets and cabinet handles.


Upgrade your kitchen with the latest appliances for improved functionality and efficiency. From smart ovens to energy-saving refrigerators, enhance your cooking experience.

Kitchen Remodel With Painted Cabinets And Custom Backsplash

Elevate Every Culinary Moment: Custom Upgrades For Your Memphis Dream Kitchen

Every feature in your newly remodeled kitchen is an upgrade in your day-to-day life. Each element enhances your enjoyment and efficiency, from the convenience of a pot filler and the rapid warmth of an Instahot system to the sophistication of a butler’s pantry or a dedicated coffee or wine bar. 

Picture yourself hosting gatherings around a stunning island with premium countertops under soft, upgraded lighting, and know that your kitchen remodel is an investment in your home’s value and your quality of life. Our team carefully considers every detail to ensure your kitchen is a perfect blend of style and practicality.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Kitchen Remodeling In Memphis, TN

What is the difference between good, better, and best kitchen materials?

The distinction in material quality often relates to factors like color availability, whether materials are builder or commercial grade, their durability, how easy they are to maintain, and their overall look. 

Higher-quality materials typically offer greater durability and a more polished appearance but may require more investment.

Yes, absolutely. We assist in selecting materials that align with your vision for your kitchen. Our partnership with the Design with Ferguson store means you’ll have expert guidance in choosing materials to bring your dream kitchen to life.

Remove any valuable items and clear out the area to get your kitchen ready for remodeling. This step helps protect your belongings and enables us to do the work more efficiently.

Hidden problems like faulty plumbing, leaks, wood rot, or even structural issues can sometimes arise. These are not always visible at the outset but can impact your remodel’s overall cost and timeline.

Yes, we can. Changing the layout of your kitchen can be a great way to improve functionality and refresh the space, and we’re here to help you do just that.

One way to save money is by keeping your kitchen’s current layout, which avoids the cost of moving plumbing and electrical. Choosing not to splurge on high-end appliances or opting for stock cabinets can also help manage your budget.

We can help you choose the appropriate appliances for your kitchen renovation if you need assistance. The appliances you choose should be based on your kitchen usage. We’ll work with you to select appliances that fit your needs and the design of your new kitchen.

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