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Owner Nick Sammons

Meet Nick Sammons

Nick is the owner of TruVine Renovations and is a seasoned professional with experience in the contracting world since 2008. A simple yet powerful mission drives him: to “do the right thing.” This ethos was born from his experiences in the industry—witnessing practices he disagreed with and hearing the concerns of customers and employees alike. 

The turning point came during the Covid-19 pandemic, sparking the inception of TruVine Renovations. With a faith-based approach that’s evident in action rather than words, Nick has built a company that stands out for its integrity, quality, and commitment to truly making a difference in the homes and lives of its clients.

The TruVine Renovation Team

Our Mission

At the heart of TruVine Renovations lies a guiding principle inspired by Philippians 4:8, which speaks to what we strive for: truth, nobility, righteousness, beauty, and excellence. These values are the benchmarks for every project and interaction we undertake.

The TruVine Renovations Team

At TruVine, our team is the heart of the company. We are proud of our team members and their unique skills contributing to our excellent results. There’s no better remodeling talent pool anywhere when it comes to interior and exterior home remodeling.

Nick Sammons

Owner/General Manager
Tim Abernathy

Tim Abernathy

Project Manager/Sales
Cameron Ruddle

Cameron Ruddle

Project Manager/Sales
Stacy Curran

Stacy Curran

Office Admin
John David

John David Myers

Project Manager/Sales

Mike Wittman

Painter/Carpenter Subcontractor

Marcello Carbo

Remodeling Subcontractor

Rodolfo Rivera

Remodeling Subcontractor

Ernie Donati, Jr.

Countertop Expert


Glass Expert

Roman Monroy

Tile Expert

Richard Crow

HVAC Expert

Donavan Casteel


Edgar Amador

Remodeling Subcontractor

Phillip Proctor

Custom Cabinetry Expert
TruVine Renovations

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Exceptional Professionalism & Communication

Experience the TruVine difference with unmatched professionalism and communication. We keep you in the loop, ensuring a hassle-free journey from concept to completion. With us, you're our partner in the creative process, guaranteeing a remodeling experience as enjoyable as the outcome.

High-Quality Craftsmanship & Attention To Detail

Your vision is our blueprint. At TruVine Renovations, we bring your dream home to life with unparalleled attention to detail. Our dedication to high-quality projects is visible in every inch of your space. Clients rave about our attention to detail, often highlighting our ability to exceed expectations. With TruVine, every detail is a step closer to your ideal home.

Reliable & Trustworthy Service

Trust is the foundation of every TruVine project. We pride ourselves on being punctual, thorough, and honest. This unwavering reliability means you can count on us to transform your space with integrity and respect. Choose TruVine for a renovation experience that's as reliable as it is transformative.

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