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Peaceful Paradise: A Bathroom Remodel In Arlington, TN

Brief Overview

Nestled in the charming community of Arlington, TN, the “Peaceful Paradise” project is a testament to TruVine Renovations’ commitment to marrying functionality with style. Completed in March 2023, this bathroom remodel provided Teresa with a serene space tailored to her evolving needs.

Project Key Features

Project Completion Date




The Homeowners

Meet Teresa & Ray

The clients’ know that the secret to marital bliss is having their own bathrooms. Ray had remodeled his bathroom already; now it’s Teresa’s turn. 

She had concerns about her existing tub/shower combo. As she gets older, she wants something more peaceful and accessible.

The Challenge

The existing bathroom, outdated and non-functional for Teresa’s needs, presented challenges with water damage and a tub/shower combo that was becoming impractical with time.

The 3-Phase Process

Turning Teresa’s Vision Into Reality
Bathroom Design Plans
Bathroom Design Plans


Teresa’s vision for a bright, mobility-friendly bathroom blossomed into an inspired design, cultivated through the attentive guidance of Project Manager Nick and the discerning eye of Ferguson Designer Kara. 

Together, they curated a palette of white and light greys, warmed with subtle tones to craft an inviting atmosphere. Modernity met a touch of tradition with materials boasting sleek lines and rounded edges. The white cabinetry, topped with a pristine quartz countertop, set a tone of elegance. These were strikingly contrasted by oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, lending a classic sophistication to the space. 

A satin frameless glass enclosure was selected for privacy without sacrificing light, complementing the large format tiles that promise ease of maintenance—each choice intentionally converging to create a sanctuary of brightness and comfort.

TruVine Employee During The Bathroom Build Phase
TruVine Employee During The Bathroom Build Phase


The build phase unfolded over two weeks, characterized by the diligent oversight of Nick Sammons, who ensured every detail adhered to the highest standards. Daily visits and thorough logs kept the project on track, allowing for adjustments as needed, such as addressing unforeseen subfloor repairs. 

We incorporated thoughtful ergonomics to ensure Teresa’s comfort and accessibility:

  • Elevated cabinetry to reduce bending
  • A chair-height toilet
  • A spacious walk-in shower to replace the dated tub/shower combo

These adjustments were functional and woven into the design to enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic and Teresa’s independence. The result was a testament to TruVine Renovation’s commitment to marrying form with function.

Final Product Of The Bathroom Remodel Project
Final Product Of The Bathroom Remodel Project


Teresa can step into a realm of tranquility: her bespoke walk-in shower, a haven within her home. The build phase’s conclusion marked the beginning of endless moments of peace, with every carefully chosen feature, from the raised cabinets to the chair-height toilet, enhancing her comfort. 

Now, Teresa’s daily routine is graced with elegance and ease, turning her bathroom into a space to rejuvenate and a sanctuary to relax.

Pretty In Peace Bathroom Remodeling Project

The Solution

The “Peaceful Paradise” bathroom remodel delivers an age-in-place design, allowing Teresa to enjoy her personalized retreat with independence and joy.

The Peaceful Paradise Bathroom Portfolio

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What The Homeowner Had To Say About Working With Truvine Renovation

“Very in tune with (our) desires to remodel the bathroom. Excellent job. Nick and his team did a fantastic job, and I would definitely use (them) again. You will not regret their job, and I would not wait but schedule them today!”

— Teresa Bryant

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